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In compliment to constant support from our loyal customers, the company has decided to upgrade the customer business experience with us.  From now on, if you are interested in any particular deck, but unsure if you will regret buying it later, you may purchase with confident from us under the 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty Plan =)

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Many online purchases resulted in the customer being dissatisfy of the product upon getting it thinking that "Ay, this is not what I wanted ..." or "Heck! I am just too rush in getting this. I am regretting now!". Nevertheless, despite the bad experience they are undergoing, the buyers would never be able to get back their money nor can they exchange their product with something they really wanted.


Malaysia Tarot Deck is devoted in bringing our customers the best tarot shopping experience they would ever have in buying decks online. We are offering you the 15-day 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty for the purchase of any tarot deck from us.


The terms for the plan is as followed:

  • This plan is only applicable to purchases from Malaysia Tarot Deck with full payment.

  • The 15-day warranty is deemed from the date of delivery based on the date stamped by the local post office. Please keep the package wrapping as proof.

  • Within the 15-day period, the customer can evaluate their purchased product in whatever ways they wish to. However, in order to make full money-back warranty claim or product replacement warranty claim under this plan, the customers must ensure that the product is deliver back to us in good condition.

  • In order to make the claim, the customer must email the company with the following details and get the Warranty Claim Confirmation from the company before shipping the product back to the company. The customer will need to bear the shipping cost back to the company and ensure the product reach the company through a traceable decent local courier service.

    • Product Name

    • Date of Ordering

    • Date of Delivery

    • Reason for Making Claim

    • Compensation (Money-back or replacement of product)

  • Upon getting the return product, the company will inspect it and upon confirming the good condition of the return good, the company will proceed with the customer's claim. The whole process should not be more than 1 week from the date of delivery of the good to the company.

  • The customer may request a replacement of the same product or another product in place of the purchased product. Should there be any discrepancies in price, the customer should pay the difference. The new product will be dispatched upon clearance of any outstanding balance. In the event that the requested replacement is unavailable, the company reserves the right to opt for money-back compensation.

  • The company reserves the right to refuse any replacement should the return product be found damaged or incomplete.

  • All correspondences for the claim should be in email and should be deemed as formal transaction documents should there be any future dispute. Thus, please keep all the transaction emails.

With this, you can now ...


  • Buy safely from us, knowing that you can return the product to us for your full payment should you regret your decision later.

  • See for yourself all the authentic decks that you will never be able to get in local retail stores at the comfort of your home couch.

  • Explore the energy and the compatibility of your favorite deck with your intuition before committing permanently to it.

  • Get a feel on the worth of your money for quality genuine product. You may want to buy a clone deck somewhere and and make a side-by-side comparison to see just how different they can be!

  • Be the rightful owner of any deck of tarot that you are interested at the moment and wrap it up, send it back to us after 2 weeks with a note "Thanks for letting me try the product, but I think I like something else".

  • Enjoy all these for FREE!

Grab your deck NOW! You won't regret your decision!


Beware of clone tarot decks that have fader color and thinner cards. These fake decks may cost cheaper but would most certainly last much shorter than the original, genuine copy.



Look for original quality decks for your intuitive needs, you will never regret the value you pay for here.





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