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The Universal Tarot by Lo Scrabeo

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Drawn according to the instructions of the famous occultist Arthur E. Waite, artist Roberto De Angelis provides the student of Tarot with a useful working deck, appropriate for divination and study. Containing all the elements of traditional Tarot arranged in new and interesting compositions, this deck is perfect for the serious apprentice as well as the seasoned reader. Readers will recognize familiar scenes while being delighted by De Angelis' uncluttered adaptations and sophisticated use of color.

The Universal Tarot is a multi-lingual basic tarot deck suitable for beginners. Pamela Colman-Smith's Rider-Waite images have been recoloured and redrawn in a more Italian, dynamic style.


Looking for a Rider-Waite style tarot deck but not keen on Pamela Coleman-Smith's original drawings? Take a look at the Universal Tarot, a deck in which the legendary images have been reinterpreted in a more refined, realistic and modern style.

The symbols, layout and scenic positions of the Universal Tarot are very similar to the Rider-Waite, but the pen-and-ink lines have been drawn with a lighter hand than the standard RW and the colors are paler, more real. There is also more detail in the images, as though the focus had been sharpened. Faces have more individuality, the sky has blended color variations, extra objects have been added and the perspective sometimes changes to give the cards a more photo realistic illustrated effect. Fashion styles and people have a more dramatic, Italian look.

The tarot scenes are constrained by a thin white border, on which the titles and numbers are printed in pale blue ink. The titles are printed in six languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Dutch. The backs of the cards are a reversible white and purple design, and bear an eight-pointed star in a circle motif repeated on the back eight times.

It's faithful to the esoteric and occult symbols of the Rider-Waite images, but displays them with a little more heroism, more dynamism, and more emotion. The Universal Tarot deck, with its multi-lingual titles and attractive artwork, is a very suitable alternative.

The set includes 1 deck of Universal Tarot deck and 1 companion book.

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