Tarot of Dreams

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The Magnificent Tarot of Dreams … Excellent piece of work by Ciro Marchetti

RM 380.00

The Tarot of Dreams was self published in 2005. A follow up to the Gilded, this deck built on the learning curve that resulted from its predecesor. Instead of the standard companion book, the ToD comes with an interactive CD that includes numerous features that are unique to the Tarot genre, such as animated cards, video intro and background music etc, along with a full book length PDF document that provides full explanation of the decks imagery and esoteric symbolism. All easliy accesed via a user friendly interface. The ToD was voted most popular deck of that year by the leading tarot web site Aclectic.net

In my opinion, Ciro has definitely raised the bar for what can be done in the Tarot world. The cost here is well worth it, and I hope that other people who are considering indie projects take note, and pursue their dreams too.

Tarot of Dreams grew from the work that Ciro Marchetti did with his first (gorgeous!) deck, the Gilded Tarot. This project, from the start, was very "high voltage", and it definitely shows in the end product! I can proudly say that I was able to be there from the beginning, following the progress of this stunning deck and CD as Ciro shared scans of his work, as well as his thoughts.

This is a masterful project, well executed by artist Ciro Marchetti, the highly knowledgeable author/artist Lee Bursten, and the extremely talented Carlos Andres Rodriguez. It consists of an 80 card deck (the traditional 78 cards from the Tarot, a stunning graphic of the Tree of Life, and a front card that is signed and numbered by Ciro himself), along with a CD that is worth much more than its weight in gold. This project is being independently produced, and is not a limited edition. However, each deck will be signed and numbered by Ciro.

These cards are just plain beautiful, a joy to study. Each image is like those Russian dolls that nest inside each other, getting smaller and smaller. At first I wasn’t too sure about the framing – strong gilded columns with Hebrew letters, astrological attributions, and numbers in circles at the corners. Yet with continued handling of the deck this arrangements grew on me.

Marchetti’s use of colour fascinates me. The delicacy of hue and tone on every single one of these cards is breathtaking. The wealth of detail is astounding, and yet I haven’t found the cards themselves cluttered or overly busy. The artist’s ability to blend several differing concepts into one overall image is remarkably impressive.

This beautiful set was imported from US. The set includes 1 deck of Ciro's Tarot of Dreams, 1 CD covering software for spreading in computer, an e-book covering explanations for all the cards and 1 free satin translucent pouch specifically made for it.

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