Tarot of the Dead

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The Tarot of the Dead … by Monica Knighton


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The Tarot of the Dead depicts the serious issue of death in light-hearted manner. Tarot of the Dead explores death with wry humor and whimsy. Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, a holiday honoring deceased friends and family, this deck seamlessly blends Mexican tradition with European divination. Engaging watercolor artwork-often depicting human and animal figures as skeletons-embraces the inevitability of our mortality. The Fool hitchhikes with his skeletal dog and The Hierophant sits in a lawn chair among pink flamingos. The fifty-six Minor Arcana feature pens, coffins, pistols, and film reels, an intriguing twist on the usual pips. The Tarot deck and the accompanying instruction booklet are in both English and Spanish.

Tarot of the Dead takes a rather unique look at death - through the eyes of the Mexican celebration of the "Day of the Dead", or "Dio de los Muertos". This is a day for honoring family and friends who have passed on. It is a time for remembrance, as well as a time for placing flowers in cemeteries and homes as a sign of respect. Offerings of food, clothing and other things that the person enjoyed in life are placed on tables as a gift to the departed ones. According to the LWB (Little White Book) that comes with this deck, it is also thought that the veil between the worlds is lifted at this time, and that the dead can return to reconnect with family and friends (very similar to how some people view All Hallows Eve/Halloween).

The courts (and the pips) at first appear to be double ended, like a regular playing card. Careful inspection reveals that these cards contain two images – one for the upright and one for the reversed – different postures and actions for each. The non-pictorial pips are wonderful, and read differently depending on orientation.

This deck is comparable to the glamorous Vannessa Tarot. The 78 Rider-Waite structure is re-illustrated into interesting and thought provoking skeleton pictures of life events. While maintaining the original meaning of the Rider-Waite's, it also add the special touch of humor into the tarot. This is a very much recommended deck for those that seek to induce some relaxation feeling in the heavy atmosphere of the tarot divination. 

This is the deck only version of the tarot.

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